I’m going nuts

the day is coming to a close. my parents are relaxing. my sister is halfway around the world boarding a bus to move into a village. and here i sit, recording the parts i think are memorable of my humdrum life. i should be laughing at this pathetic life i lead. but i’m not. i’m not sure what i think.

my day was actually amazingly fun. i hung out with brian and mark again today and it was quite enjoyable. we wandered through a very bizarre art museum and visited the plaza for a bit. i got to test out a massage chair at sharper image. those things are amazing! i’m so thankful to have some people around right now. i think i’m going to lose it soon if i have to stay at home much longer. i don’t understand this growing up thing. it feels easy to deal with until i get home and battle my parents. i could use some prayer about my attitude if anyone thinks of it.

so, been back a couple of days, my room is still a mess and i haven’t called my work yet. can anyone say bum? so, i’m off to do something productive for the next couple of hours. never too late to start.

3 thoughts on “I’m going nuts

  1. Don\’t worry dear Caryn, you still have your sanity. Me on the other hand, I have gone off the deep end…I need interaction outside my family and alas there is no one.Well, my dog is telling me that its time to sculp the mashed potatoes again, keep it plasmic.

  2. You\’re a strange kid, Matt.And Caryn, if you think you\’re a bum, you should come visit me. It would make you feel ten times better about your life. I have to pack for camp, but haven\’t even started thinking about it, and I have nowhere to put my stuff since I don\’t officially have a room…well, anywhere (You\’d think with three sets of parents I\’d be doing pretty well).

  3. Caryn, where do you intend to get a job? At Steak & Shake again? Or perhaps elsewhere?Best of luck to you and your productivity. I\’m doing a decent job so far.David

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