That’s me!

Caryn Schafer – illustrating a life of non sequiturs

Hello, I’m Caryn: a wife, mom, book addict, blogger, Instagram overloader, and an illustrator. I grew up in the Midwest, went to school and started married life in the South and I currently live in NYC with my husband and two small daughters. Books are my weakness. I possess way more than a person should, especially in a small apartment! I adore the color green, stripes, polka dots, and tiny books. I am the illustrator of Not So Scary Jerry by Shelley Kinder and A Star Full of Sky by Raven Howell.

A few of my favorite green things

Ten non-sequiturs about Caryn

  1. I am known for making comments that appear to be non-sequiturs, but make perfect sense in my head.
  2. I crawled backwards when I was a baby.
  3. I almost always have a song going through my head,
    even in dreams.
  4. I’ve played the piano since I was 6.
  5. I love birthdays.
  6. I was home-schooled 3rd-12th grade because
    I was allergic to my school’s air conditioning system.
  7. I love coffee ice cream.
  8. I have seen the movie You’ve Got Mail over 150 times
  9. I love jazz music.
  10. I can sing the alphabet backwards very fast.