Stay Home Clappers

It’s been a year. I very loosely sketched this idea last year when we were clapping every evening for essential workers. It was a very rough sketch, just a smidge of an idea trying to capture some of the neighbors and strangers we saw and clapped alongside. I found the sketch a few weeks ago as I started working again more consistently. As we just passed the year mark of this pandemic, it felt appropriate to try to create it. It was comforting in a way, sketching things I remember, and processing as I worked. I’m glad I finished it.

Also, note the family cameo.

4 panel comic: loosening up & therapy

Another loose and very rough exercise to shake the creative flow. Had four fantastic days of time and quiet for deep work. So refreshing and definitely got my brain going on some dormant projects. Hoping to continue some work even with the kids back remote next week.

I’ve always loved seeing illustrators take on the 4-panel comic and make light of humorous moments in their regular days. Thought I’d try my hand at one this week. It’s good therapy too it seems.

stylish playground tot

Little weekend doodles – based on a very stylish tot at a playground last year. I work so much better with references. I wish it wasn’t the case, but I should probably just embrace it because this guy was so fun to recreate.

how I did show up… and will

I did barely any sketching last year. Painting disappeared when we started the apartment move. But when I look back over the year, the one thing I did do often was lettering. Mostly while I listened during livestream church each week. I listen best when I doodle oddly enough. I grabbed a few of my favorites and even noticed how it got better throughout the year.

I’m focusing on discipline this year. Keeping habits, making things consistent, showing up every day for even just a bit and letting whatever comes out happen. I can’t control much of anything, but I can show up.

(Last quote is by John Newton.)