Upper West Side block painting

Made this for a friend who also loves NYC! It was fun and nerve-wracking to see it coming together as I painted. Overall, fairly happy with it. Maybe not quite illustrative enough? Good experimental piece as I sort out what to do with my picture book dummy.

Balloon delivery

Saturday evening, a friend was giving me a lift home in her car. As we waited on Park Ave to turn, a bushel of pink balloons with legs finished the crosswalk and turned the corner. My delight in the sight was marred only in realizing it was too fast and too difficult to snap a picture. So today, I warmed up by trying to paint it. Just for fun and from memory. Not happy with how it turned out, but I tried.

dog chauffeur

September 22, 2015
Saw a guy in Central Park a few weeks ago who had four little dogs on his bike. Couldn’t snap a picture but recreated a character based on the concept.