Big News!

Pardon the post interruption—I have some big news. I have recently signed to illustrate my first picture book
I am so thrilled and honored to get this project! It is written by Shelley Kinder and due to arrive September of 2017 with Clear Fork Publishing. I’ve got a lot of work set out before me, so bear with me as posts will likely be even more intermittent than usual. Thanks for your support and encouragement as I work towards this goal!
I had a December daily ink drawing planned, but currently I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do it. My deadlines are set and tight, not to mention I’ve had a respiratory infection all week which has knocked every thing out of whack. Check back for updates on whatever I’m working on and able to share!

yes, this is an update

January 9, 2012

So things never seem to turn out like we expect. What is that saying “the best laid plans…?” Nevertheless, after receiving a few comments and questions regarding the goals in my last post (from November) I realized I needed to make an update. Things are still in the works, just at a slower pace. And the above illustration is why. I’m still working on my illustration style, the above illustration being a great example of what I’m trying out, but as today is my “best guess date” for our first child’s arrival – things illustration/blog/and business-wise have been on hold. I knew I was pregnant when I made that post in November, but I was coming off the first trimester crud and was a lot more ambitious about where I could have things before little one made the debut.

As for the illustration, (which I promised every post would have from now on so at least I’m keeping that goal!), I created that back in January and intended to make a New Year’s card out of it, and then a Valentine’s Day card, and then we gave up. It just never came together. But I still love it. It will get used somewhere. It’s really the first time I’ve ever done an illustration that really felt like my style. It makes me excited to look at and think about what I can do next. I have filled out a few more pages of my sketchbook as well, but nothing as finished as this and so I’m waiting til I can focus a little more heartily on it.

Now, with the little one coming any day, I’m not making any promises. But, I will be back, and I guarantee that this blog is not going to become baby-zone and neither will I. That’s not me and it doesn’t fit the passionate goals I have created for myself and this space either. I’m sure there will be an illustration here and there of the little one, which I’m super excited about illustrating, but I still have ideas swirling that need to get out as well. So stay tuned. It’s still coming. It’s just one of those extra-long, it will be worth it when it does come kind of things.

No. 2 pencils required… and probably an eraser or two

Welcome November! I’m so glad you are here. And thanks to you dear friends who still check this blog occasionally. My absence will not be felt any longer. But I’m about to shake things up and change it all around. (Officially) starting this month, I’m no longer a graphic designer, but a full-time illustrator working for myself! Woohoo! If you’ve known me for long, you’ve known this was always my (and our) hope. A couple months ago we decided it was time to give it a go. I’m not going to lie, I’m scared to death. The past few months have been different, shaky, and full with unexpected things. But I’m also very excited to try my hand at this, literally. (Sorry, it was begging for a joke.)

So, here’s what is coming up:
1. The blog will be getting a new header (hopefully this week), and will definitely be getting a new focus. My goal is to blog at least once a week, but hopefully once a day during the typical work week. The once a day thing is going to have to be felt out as I’m determined that each post should from now on contain some form of an illustration, done by me or perhaps an inspiration piece I discover.
2. As mentioned above, each post should include an illustration of some sort.
3. I’ll be doing themes most weeks for my own illustration challenges which will probably be quite apparent on the blog, so don’t get weirded out if there are a lot of posts about penguins one week and then umbrellas the next.

There are other tricks up my pencil smudged sleeves, but they are going to come in time. Perhaps that will make it more exciting. But I decided it was high time I break the silence and give myself some blog-public goals for where this old friend is headed. Things to look out for in the future, and if you feel so led, to encourage me about are:
• my new portfolio site
• an etsy store including items like calendars, custom portraits, random prints and more
• another blog with a focus on something I’m uber-passionate about
• my first official venture into children’s book illustration

Buckle your seat belt. I have no idea what kind of a ride this is going to be.

name that movie… all 35

I found this video a while ago and never got to share. So, for your Friday viewing pleasure:

35 Movies in 2 Minutes!
35mm from Pascal Monaco on Vimeo.

I really love the illustration/animation style. Very clever. I’m so drawn to flat vector illustration (opening credits to Monster’s Inc comes to mind). I probably need to explore this more for myself. If you’ve ever worked with me you’d know how much I love to create vector icons!

(discovered on Drawn)

i need some green sunglasses too


Green sky.
Green kitten.
Green pie.
Green mitten.
Green here.
Green there.
Green, green everywhere!
But…Ha! Ha!
The color green quickly passes
When I take off
My green sunglasses.

Poem from Kim’s Place and Other Poems by Lee Bennett Hopkins with drawings by Lawrence Di Fiori.

Can I just say how much I love this poem?! So perfect for my day. And my life. Thanks to Scribbler for posting it!

someday this could be Mark and me

Discovered this video interview yesterday with children’s book author/illustrator Lane Smith and his wife Molly Leach. I just love them. It struck me as so fun that he is the illustrator and she is the designer of most of the books. Such a great couple.

And I love his stuff.
You can also find him blogging here about random and odd children’s books.