a day full of monkeys

well, this was an interesting day full of those many exciting things that make life even more livable. Mark and Brian were my companions for the day. We had a jolly time visiting amazing vintage stores, digging through old records, snapping memories with our friend the monkey, and watching a great movie “the Red Shoe.” Pictures from the day are on Brian’s whatever you want to call it since I’m not allowed to say the other term. Such a fun day.

Ok, I miss everyone. Time to go back.

6 thoughts on “a day full of monkeys

  1. I just love posting on Caryn\’s new blog. I love my blog as well. Blogs are great fun. I need to take more strange pictures to put on my blog. Blog blog blog blog blog, blog blog blog.

  2. The pictures of you and sundry friends, of course, were delightful.Alternate suggestions for referring to this medium in which we are all writing:TabloidMonitorScratchpadMeZineProsoneLayersThe PagesRegisterWritonskaCompadPen-ultimateChoose as you like.Of course, \”journal\” would also be sufficient…Take care,David

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