my aha moment

A couple weeks ago I received a random e-mail from the aha moment team for Mutual of Omaha (what? I have no idea what that is!). The girl said she had found my website and blog and thought I would be a fun participant of the aha moment videos. They were coming to Knoxville in a few days and would like to film me. After seriously questioning if this was for real and having Mark check it out too, I made an appointment to show up on a Monday evening at Market Square. It was super quick and painless (although the painful part came in the deliberation over what to wear and most importantly what in the world I would say was my aha moment). I filled out a permission form and then stepped into their little silver bullet of a trailer. A super friendly and almost fakely authentic (only way I can think to describe her) girl interviewed me while a guy filmed it from another room. I wasn’t quite sure what I was saying and simply hoped for the best. Today, I saw the results. See my interview on the aha moment website. And no autographs please.

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