what am I doing?


I graduated December 17. Wahoo!

I recently moved. Just across town. I now live in a beautiful little townhome with 2 stories, brick outside and 2.5 baths. Amazing.

I am very psyched that I will be going to Laguna Beach, Florida in May for an RUF conference.

Mark graduates in 2.5 weeks. Woohoo!

Matt is leaving The Soderquist Center. Sad day.

Oh, by the way, I have a full-time gig at The Soderquist Center as their first designer. It is most often a roller coaster, but I love the work I do and am growing a ton.

I have a new little niece. Name: Mariana (not pronounced Mary-Anna, but a long “a” on both the “Mari” and the “ana”) Perhaps that makes sense. She is adorable. Recent pictures of Maggie and Mariana are on my photo site (link on sidebar on right).

I am loving life outside of school. Lots of decisions and working. But I love it. Why didn’t I do this earlier?

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