the Ferris wheel

My very first picture taken with my new Polaroid SpectraSystem. Mark gave me this gift a few days early since we were planning on going to the fair with friends on the 18th. I had high hopes of riding the ferris wheel and marking off #16 but the line was really long, and it was getting late and to be honest, it wasn’t the nostalgic looking, quaint Ferris wheel that I was hoping for. But, I captured a picture of it. And I rather love it. I’m sure to most photographers and especially Polaroid photographers it isn’t spectacular, bit I think it’s wonderful.

#1 off the list.

before 30

I’ve been thinking about this list for quite a while. I like to make lists. A lot. This list is coming out of the realization of my upcoming 26th birthday in September and how that sounds really old to me. I know it isn’t, but it has made me think about having more goals and attempting harder to attain them. So, here is my big list, in no particular order. Some are big things and some are small things. The before I turn 30 list. I will be updating and referring to this list hopefully a lot in the next few years. Here I go…

1. start capturing life with a Polaroid camera
2. begin a garden
3. learn French
4. visit DisneyWorld
5. start a family
6. send a children’s book draft or portfolio of illustrations to a publishing house
7. rescue a dog
8. learn some front end coding
9. build a clothesline
10. sew clothes for myself
11. paint a really big canvas
12. start a family wall of pictures
13. make a new website for my portfolio
14. make a pie from scratch
15. renovate the kitchen
16. ride a ferris wheel
17. visit a photobooth