so I may be a little obsessed

If you haven’t heard of Pinterest yet, well, now you have. Pinterest is an online bulletin board of sorts that you can “pin” inspiration, photos, any image to and label, categorize and source it. It functions as an awesome moodboard source so you can see all the items you’ve labeled similarly on one long screen. I think it is a sickness. I heard about it a while ago, but as I tend to do with all buzzing media ventures, I ignored it. That is, until last week. Within 5 minutes, I was hooked.

Finally a place to store some of my favorite delicious bookmarks and see a moodboard of inspiration! So, for now, since I never seem to be here, I’m probably over there. You can see my bustling boards here if you are interested.

[image from marta writes]

the music that keeps me going

16 days have passed since my last post. That makes me very sad. So much is going on yet I can’t find the time to record it. I’ve been trying for days to get pictures up of the kitchen renovation (since we’re done!) and even just some random every day snapshots. But it always takes longer than I have time for. Not to mention that the pictures we’ve managed to capture of the kitchen just don’t do it justice. It is so much lovelier and perfect in person. I think we need a new camera.

Work has been insanely busy lately. Most week nights, Mark and I meet at home around 7:30 or 8. By the time we get dinner together, eat, and clean up, we typically have less than an hour to do something not work related before needing to sleep to start it all over again. But we are surviving, some days better than others. But as September comes, change always happens and this year is no different. There are changes coming in the next few weeks, all of which we are very excited about. So in the meantime, I listen to music. Lots of music. Here is one of my most favorite. I’m seriously obsessed with it (not a shocker, I know). It sounds like September. This song just helps me breathe a little calmer and hang on a little longer.

I’m also seriously obsessed with her boots. Perhaps I’ll find some to purchase with my birthday money (did I mention my birthday is on Tuesday! 5 days!).

Happy Friday.