Stay Home Clappers

It’s been a year. I very loosely sketched this idea last year when we were clapping every evening for essential workers. It was a very rough sketch, just a smidge of an idea trying to capture some of the neighbors and strangers we saw and clapped alongside. I found the sketch a few weeks ago as I started working again more consistently. As we just passed the year mark of this pandemic, it felt appropriate to try to create it. It was comforting in a way, sketching things I remember, and processing as I worked. I’m glad I finished it.

Also, note the family cameo.

NYC window 2

Definitely not as successful as the last one, but here is warm-up painting, NYC Window #2. One of my favorite things about windows is you often have no idea what you are seeing. I know those are books and some kind of artwork facing out, blinds and maybe curtains? Other shapes… 🤷‍♀️ Tiny, obscured glimpses into homes. ❤️