lost in the lovely pages

“So Mary Poppins put on her white gloves and tucked her umbrella under her arm—not because it was raining but because it had such a beautiful handle that she couldn’t possibly leave it at home. How could you leave your umbrella behind if it had a parrot’s head for a handle?”

This question and many more are delighting me at every page turn of the wonderful book by P.L. Travers. I can’t believe it has taken me this long to read the classic Mary Poppins story. Especially when it has such an incredibly, enchanting cover.

(chapter 2, page 16)

you had me at RFP

One of Mark’s coworkers sent this comic to us and said it reminded her of our story.

Wow. Amazingly so close it could be our story. Move the RFP (Request For Proposal for my non-design readers) to about the middle and change the adoption of the cat to a hopeful (soon!) adoption of a dog and you’d have us on paper. Love it!

(comic by Burt at Draw, Burt, Draw!)