Inktober 7: fan


Another tough one to come up with this morning, but eventually went with the hand fan in a traditional fan dance. Fun to research a tad, fun to add to the map.

Also, I’ve been bemoaning how hard it is to keep scale accurate with daily additions; and then I spent some time scouring my map inspirations some more and realized that no one tries to get scale perfectly. It is not a picture. It’s a hand-drawn map. It’s quite common for people to be huge as they play a role in places, not perfect interaction. So relieving to realize. Still trying for close scale, but also shows that emphasis and placement is more important.👌

inktober 6: spirit


Was quite stumped this morning when I sat down with the prompt. Had to get up and do some house things for a bit to brainstorm out what I was going to do with it and the map. Quite happy with my forest spirits in the end!

Inktober 2: Suit


Get out the magnifying glass, and I may need glasses after this one. There are two suits of armor around that gate. And it was all incredibly fun, though not as successful as I would have liked at keeping those suits identifiable up against the wall.🤔

Inktober 1: Crystal


The key to daily goals is keeping them tiny… right? This is such a fun personal project already. I dove into some research over the weekend about illustrated literary maps and wow, they are a thing! It was a bit difficult to pull myself out of research and start my own. And then I stayed up way too late unearthing this crystal city.✨

I have no idea how this will turn out, but I’m off to discover an imaginary world with my pen and can’t wait to see what it holds!