Autumn border

I voluntarily taught a watercolor painting session at a women’s retreat this weekend. I was asked to teach some sort of beginner border/wreath painting that women could then use to letter inside for a card or print or something. I leaned heavily on a fantastic lesson in The Joy of Watercolor book and am pleased with this autumnal border.

While I had fun making this piece beforehand as a finished product to inspire; intense imposter syndrome kicked in Friday night. I am not a teacher. I do not enjoy nor have I ever painted in front of people. And it is terribly difficult to paint in a dreadfully under planned setup and with a nervous shaking hand, and have 16 people instead of the 5 we thought! My final demo turned out pretty well all things considered. At least 95% of them seemed to be enthralled at trying it for the first time. It was fun, mostly to see how each beginner’s piece was so different. I was seriously stressed through the whole hour session, but survived and am resting on the delight that most walked away with, rather than my fumbling inability. Whew. Dare I say never again? 

Inktober 2019

Started a fall project for Inktober and ended it 3 in. Love these 3 but couldn’t sustain the full plan. You win some, you lose some. Love the feel and color palette of these, using earth tones/fall colors and sepia ink.

my favorite time of year

I can’t believe September is leaving so soon. But I’m thrilled to the bone about the cool weather, the changing leaves, the sweaters I just unpacked… Yay fall!

September was an overly full month. I have a lot to catch up on, and much news to share eventually; but not now. Now I bask in the open windows, listen to the dog snore, and catch up on some long awaited pinning.

Happy fall friends!

[image via Cup of Jo]

dancing in September

Whew! August finished up fast. It was definitely not a good month this year. Overload of work. Massive house projects that refuse to be finished. Lots of late nights and more tired days. But, that is all behind us now! Good riddance August. September has finally come! I refuse to let this month go by without full-fledged enjoyment and celebrations. I will savor this month in the oncoming of fall, my glorious upcoming birthday (yay!), pumpkin spice lattes, the start of needing sweaters, purchasing discounted school supplies and much more with great abandon. Today I wear a new dress which I have been saving for a month to wear on this day. I’m working to my You’ve Got Mail soundtrack which always helps me usher in the new season and month. And tonight is the much-anticipated She & Him concert in Nashville! I’m so excited I was late for work this morning trying to get myself together. Hooray for September 1!

And while we are on the subject of music, here is a fabulous video to celebrate September by Earth, Wind & Fire. Don’t you just love the amazing video effects and costumes and dance moves?! Oh man. Welcome September.

(thanks to a friend’s friend on facebook)(and please note that it references September 21 which just so happens to be the best day of September, yes, my birthday!)

And in case you are interested, you can also see me posting on the new and improved blog for my work here and here. Keep an eye out for my design thoughts.