seriously crossing my fingers, and toes and whatever else I can cross…

Have I mentioned the rocking awesome designer blog Oh Happy Day! yet? I seriously can’t remember. It’s one of my all-time favorite blogs along with many other people. But now, they are even more my favorite thanks to this little (understatement of the century) giveaway.

So here is me, trying to get work done and yet continually wishing for the 20th to come so that Jordan will announce the winner and my agony of waiting will be over. Wish me luck, and enter yourself if you so desire!

design couples

(via IDSGN)  

“In all professional fields you can find many couples pursuing the same path, but within the design community, this trend is particularly prevalent… Maybe it’s the understanding and consolation you receive knowing someone is there if you wake up in a sweat-induced panic over kerning and tracking. Or maybe, it’s being enamored by a potential partner’s typographic talents. Whatever the reason, it seems that a designer marriage equates to many successful, talent fueled design tandems.”

IDSGN is interviewing some extremely talented designer couples over the next few weeks. I’m so excited to read them all!

(Thanks to Mark for deliciousing it to me.)