Sketching Day 9

 I have not forgotten to sketch, just haven’t been able to scan them in. Here are the last few days.

February 9, 2013
Some more lettering. That last one is for you Dani. 🙂

Sketching Day 8

February 8, 2013
Although we don’t have snow here, I’ve been thinking fondly about winter and my sketches went that way too. These are some of my favorites.

Also, I found this little gem in my sketchbook from a month or so ago and couldn’t resist throwing it into the wintery mix page.

Sketching Day 6

February 6, 2013
It was an odd day of sketching. I had read a lot of picture books about animals so I’m guessing that’s why my brain immediately went to birds and crocodiles. And then, late last night I started drawing this little old woman. Next I wondered what her husband would look like, and her house… and that’s where this odd little drawing came from. I like it. Very different for me, but I really want to know more about them and their quaint little home.

Sketching Day 3

February 3, 2013
Just barely got any sketching in with a full day yesterday. Practiced some lettering though. Rough, but I got it in. Had to have a football of course being it was the SuperBowl. 🙂