notes to self 11

11- Do not fear anything that is frightening. 


I sat in the dark last night, listening to my 8 and 10 year olds fall asleep. I sang our usual songs and then I silently cried for those parents still waiting for news about their 8 and 10 year olds. More tears fell this morning after I hugged my girls and watched them walk into school. I struggle to find words. All that comes to mind as I hear news unfold is “Lord, have mercy.” This morning, as I rode the subway home from drop-off, a verse came to mind. The second half of 1 Peter 3:6 says “Do not fear anything that is frightening.” @jackiehillperry talked about this verse sometime last fall and it has stuck with me ever since. It is a comfort as it doesn’t pretend that things aren’t scary. There are actually frightening things out there and I don’t have to pretend there aren’t. But I’m not to fear. I’m constantly amazed how many times the Bible commands to not fear. I need to hear it all the time. I have to remind myself constantly why and how I am not to fear. There is hope.

notes to self 10

10- You can do hard things. 


It may seem silly to many people, but biking around NYC has not come easily to me. It can be terrifying. NYC isn’t exactly a bike-friendly city. It barely tolerates bikes. (And I don’t take getting yelled at well.🙈) But I have gradually learned in these last 8 years that I can do it, especially the last 2 as it became a necessity. And the more I have to bike, the easier it becomes. “Have to” probably being a bit exaggerated to some, but when choosing between subway or bike, it becomes a “have to” for me. I can do hard things. And I’m proud of myself for it too.

notes to self 8

8- Ask for help. 


It’s OK to ask for what you need, like yesterday when I was staring down the day and knew I needed some extra help – like Mark handling ordering delivery to take dinner off my plate. Or, to put it on my plate for me. Really helped, and he was happy to know exactly what I needed.

notes to self 6

6- Exercise even when you don’t want to. 


I always feel better, stronger, more energetic, even when I absolutely don’t feel like moving. I’ve been doing Pilates the last couple months and am surprised how much I appreciate it.

Notes to self

Yesterday was a serious Monday. Lots of things not going well. Today was worse, or at least lots of emotional fallout from yesterday. But last night before going to bed I had a spark of an idea hit and I jotted down some notes. I had a blast this afternoon picking up the idea spark and running with it.

A new silly little series, mostly just for me is forthcoming. 

#NotestoSelffromCaryn has begun.