2021 – creating in whatever margins I find

Well, last year didn’t pan out at all like I was planning. Anyone else? Ha!

Welcoming in the new year with lots of flexibility, hopefulness, and excitement for any amount of anything creative I can squeeze in during remote schooling two kids and keeping us all alive and socially distant. Here’s to creativity in the margins, however big and small they are.

Ireland wishes #9

Tried a sunset today and failed miserably. So went for something detailed and precise and super fun somehow. A Belfast door.

Today is the last day of what would have been my Ireland retreat. I still hope to do one more painting at least, for an even 10 since the trip was 10 days and I missed Sunday. But this also feels appropriately like closing the door on my would-have-been trip.

Hoping to open another door soon.

Ireland wishes #7

I was starting to feel better about this cancelled trip, and then I painted this. 

I’m fairly certain this was in Northern Ireland, new Belfast. But my negatives don’t tell me and my college memory of place is fuzzy.

I’m exceptionally happy with this one. Those flowers.

Ireland wishes #6

I have a handful of photos of beautiful landscapes like this with a charming little figure sitting on the edge of an overlook enjoying the solitary view. That’s one of my professors from our 2004 trips and he is wonderful.

I may have to paint them all and label them: Find Hadden.