Creativity & Painting in a Pandemic

Finally sat down and painted today. I needed it so much. Even though it is hard to find the time and the space in the new “normal.” It was a relief to my brain to come back to my paints. To think about each stroke rather than what is going on in the world. 

An instagram friend posted a picture last week of her and her cat in Beirut. I immediately bookmarked it because it is brilliant. Not only is it a window picture, which I adore; but it showed an amazing reflection, her cat, and her delighted face. I had to try painting it.

What a lovely afternoon sketching and painting, but also thinking about her and her awesome cat far away and yet fighting the same issues. I’m thinking about windows around the world, most of which are suddenly full and worried and hurting. Don’t lose hope. Look for that sunset reflection. Look for the joy, even in a perplexed cat’s face. We’re all in this together.

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