Autumn border

I voluntarily taught a watercolor painting session at a women’s retreat this weekend. I was asked to teach some sort of beginner border/wreath painting that women could then use to letter inside for a card or print or something. I leaned heavily on a fantastic lesson in The Joy of Watercolor book and am pleased with this autumnal border.

While I had fun making this piece beforehand as a finished product to inspire; intense imposter syndrome kicked in Friday night. I am not a teacher. I do not enjoy nor have I ever painted in front of people. And it is terribly difficult to paint in a dreadfully under planned setup and with a nervous shaking hand, and have 16 people instead of the 5 we thought! My final demo turned out pretty well all things considered. At least 95% of them seemed to be enthralled at trying it for the first time. It was fun, mostly to see how each beginner’s piece was so different. I was seriously stressed through the whole hour session, but survived and am resting on the delight that most walked away with, rather than my fumbling inability. Whew. Dare I say never again? 

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