November Alphabet Challenge 2016: Let’s begin!

Inktober 2016 was such a huge inspiration, encouragement, and confidence booster for me. I exercised my creative muscles for 31 days straight and came out realizing that I not only had the desire – but that I could find time every day! In an effort to not lose this momentum and find an outlet for the buzz of creative ideas I’ve accumulated while working through Inktober, I’m making my own challenge. Inspired by one of my Inktober creations, I’m doing an alphabet letter a day through November. I’ve made a word prompt list for myself as that was a major inspiration booster and much-needed guideline for me through Inktober. I’m going to be incorporating a lot of lettering too as I have been longing to practice and master hand-lettering. My self-created parameters are:

  • a letter a day
  • square(ish) format
  • mainly black ink
  • must include drawn lettering

I plan on drawing (literally and figuratively) on my daughters as inspiration as the first letter I did during Inktober came heavily from an image during the day. Hopefully this is something I can fine-tune for them in the future. So, here is my word list. Check back every couple days as I will post them as I can, knowing that I am doing one each day.

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