oh rosie

pardon the delay, but may I present Rosie:

about Rosie:
• 1.5 years old
• 20 pounds
• probably has some beagle in her which makes her longer and a little shorter than typical Jack Russells
• one ear always sticks up and the other always flops over (unless she’s in trouble and then they both go backwards)
• sometime in her life, someone docked her tail so now she only has a little tail nub as we call it. It’s pretty darn cute when that little tail nub wags.

• she rarely barks, so far the only thing that makes her bark is the vacuum and if she really has to go out and we aren’t paying attention.
• she’s scared of vacuums
• she’s a super-tracker and would take down every squirrel on the street if we let her off-leash.
• she’s incredibly friendly and will lick your face if you put it within range.
• she’s wonderful with kids and very friendly with other dogs

• she would play ball for hours and hours
• she has mad jumping skills—the highest so far being level with Mark’s shoulder (yeah, that’s high!)
• she is pretty smart and loves to be trained
• she didn’t seem to know any commands when we got her, but now has pretty much mastered “sit,” “go lay down,” “crate,” and “outside.” We’re working on “stay” and better leash training.
• she is a fast, and I mean fast runner. We learned this the fun and hard way when she slipped out the back door when our friend’s kid stood with it open too long and we just watched her race around the cul-de-sac and feared we’d never see her again. Thankfully, she already liked us and once she had her fill of running her heart out, she stayed put for Mark to get her.

• she has a “diva-butt” as I call it and refuses to do her business if the ground is too wet to find the perfect spot; even if it means we have to traipse around in the snow for 20 minutes and she is shivering and whining.
• she is a fierce, aggressive chewer. Thankfully though, she only chews things that we give her to play with. Unfortunately, everything we’ve given her so far has been destroyed in about 20 minutes (especially if it has a squeaker)
• she can shimmy herself under our couch (about 6-8 inches of space) to retrieve her favorite ball

 • and she now has the coolest dog bowls around—one says Thirsty? and the other says Hungry? in big beautiful type.

Well, there she is. She would love to meet you and teach you to play ball!

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