did I mention…

My bike is here!

It came in pieces in 2 boxes. With no instructions. I received an e-mail that it was coming and that there wouldn’t be any instructions because they “recommend” taking it to a bike dealer and having them assemble it for my own safety. Love their version of “recommend.” Hard not to take a recommendation when they make sure there isn’t any way to not take it by leaving out the instructions. So, we dropped it off at a local Felt bike dealer and it should be ready Tuesday or Wednesday this week. Saw a couple of these bikes sitting in the shop (display only) and it made me really excited and also slightly freaked out as the bike is huge! Seriously huge. I’m going to be hard-pressed not to be crushed under it if I ever fall over while riding it.

Now I’m on the search for a totally awesome and of course very safe helmet. Here’s the top runner:

from Bern. I think it definitely has the style I’m going for without the in-over-my-head-mountain-biking look. I am no mountain biker. And with my new fixed gear cruiser underneath, I’ll be surprised if I make it back up our street hill on the first ride down.

I should however give the disclaimer though that this isn’t actually my first helmet choice. This is:

from Yakkay. But considering it isn’t available online and I’d only be able to pick it up somewhere in Sweden or Germany or who knows, I must consider it unavailable. Not to mention I have no idea how much it is supposed to cost thanks to the “find a retailer” issue. But isn’t it just the coolest helmet ever?! If only I could swing over to Sweden and pick one up…

3 thoughts on “did I mention…

  1. Oh I totally thought of you Dani! You have no idea. Mark rolled his eyes as I tried to figure out how to make it work to get one of those helmets via Jernigan express or something. Also, I'll be e-mailing you this week. I promise!

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