making progress

Well, the weekend came and went and here is where we are so far. Finally got the oven hood vent installed last night and the new oven pushed into place! Yay for being able to cook again! Mark fixed the drawers next to the oven so they slide in and out much smoother now. I’ve been working on cabinet lining options which I’ll post about later.

The biggest slow down right now is that we still need to paint the front side of the cabinet doors. It has been raining for the past 2 days and although I don’t know how true it is, I’ve always heard that you shouldn’t paint when it is raining as it causes the drying time to slow down even more. So we are waiting for the weather to clear to start the door painting process once again. We’ve also been doing the refrigerator and dishwasher search. We weren’t entirely planning on purchasing all the appliances at once, but they all need replacing so badly, we have the money in savings, and if we can find a great deal on them while we are in the upheaval phase, we’ll bite the bullet.

After painting the doors we need to put on the new hardware, hang the doors, and then tile up the backsplash! It’s already starting to look so different. It’s so exciting!

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