smile at the birdie

Monday marked 3 months until my birthday. The dreaming has begun. Among my many thoughts is the desire to visit a photobooth. I’m becoming increasingly more obsessed with photobooths and having never experienced the joy of one in person, I feel that my 26th is a great time to do so. (and mark it off the list too!) I’m fairly positive this obsession increased because of one of my new favorite movie, Amelie and thanks to people like hulaseventy and her photobooth Fridays. So, perhaps a photobooth experience will be a festivity for my birthday and maybe I’ll even ask for this book with this great cover:

And I feel my life is much enhanced by discovering photobooth images like this:

 (via Heading East)

and especially this:

That one just kills me.

I can’t help but wish that I had discovered these gems earlier in marriage. A photobooth image every anniversary would be such a great idea. Not too late to start right?

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