H is for holiday

Thanksgiving is gone. My favorite holiday. My favorite time of year. Leaves. Crisp air. Pumpkins, harvesty candles, and candy corn. And quickly following its wake was Christmas. I can’t figure out what happened to Christmas. I was just starting to discover the most intensely festive lit houses in our neighborhood and practicing my “Merry Christmases” to anyone I possibly may make eye contact with. The bells of the salvation army bucket ringers were just getting in sync with the holiday bustle. I was starting to warm up to all the possible Christmas present ideas for my suddenly much larger family and figuring out the best stores to shop at without getting mauled. Now I am late. Christmas has come and gone. I’m still looking for some peoples presents and figuring out how to ship others. And New Years is just around the corner. Perhaps I can still blame all this on the “newly married” part of my life.

I do love the holidays. I just wish I could remember them this year.

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