A great weekend. Mark came up from Branson. Friday night we went to an artwalk with Sean, Nicole, and a friend of Nicole’s. It was in downtown KC. Not much what I would consider to be great art, but a couple interesting exhibits. Also, there were these cool street performers playing with fire and eating fire and breathing fire… quite astounding! Pictures here.

Apparently I sprained the cartiledge in my chest this weekend too. Painful. Unexplainable. And really weird.

Saturday, I gave my first haircut.

first haircut I've ever given

I was quite nervous, but it was rather fun and it came out well I think. Mark is happy with it. Yay!

Shopping at cargolargo! A most brilliant store. Incredible bargains!

Dinner date with Mark on Saturday night. New restaurant called Houlihans. Good food.

Sunday, my new church. Great sermon about holiness and love of the brethren from 1 Peter 1.

Lunch with my folks and Mark at Wabash BBQ. Simply delicious. I love bbq!

Church again (a new perspective on Psalm 139)and back to the count til school starts.

I really like weekends sometimes. Only one more.

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  1. Caryn, you must write again soon. You\’ve been back at school for several weeks and I have no idea how you are doing! Hope you are well. Love you!

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