how did I stumble on the coolest design studio?

hello faithful few who check my very sporadic posts.

My job at the River City Studio turned out to be a longer venture and a very time consuming project. This will be the end of my second week and I’ve been told they want me around for at least another week or two. I’m thrilled. It’s almost too bad I have to go back to JBU middle of August. This place is incredible. It is situated on the second floor of a building at the edge of downtown KC. It is right on the river, hence the name, and just down the street from the River Market. I have yet to venture there, but I plan on it (today decided to rain cats and dogs). Speaking of cats, there are two cats which live in the Studio: Yoda and Melia. My dislike for cats has decreased greatly while working here. They really are rather cute and funny and sometimes just plain darling. Unfortunately, I am allergic to cats so they cause me some discomfort through the day. I think I’ve finally figured out the right amount and mixture of allergy meds so my days have become more tolerable. I’m determined to work here as long as they want me and no cats are going to deter that. Yoda is a tabby cat and he can be quite feisty some days. Melia however is gentle, fat and meows a lot. I’m on lunch break and she is right now, sitting on my desk, in between my arms as I type, determined to get some attention. They shed like crazy! All my clothes are covered with hair when I leave at the end of the day.

The studio itself is awesome. It’s a really old building with creaky wood floors and and open ceiling so you can see all the wire work, tubes, and planks. There aren’t any enclosed offices but lots of cubicles in a pretty unorganized fashion. The cubicles are all different shapes with different cuts on the top and the walls are all different bright colors and have segments of frosted glass cubes in them so if you look at them as a whole, they resemble an artistic rendition of a cityscape. There are two areas of lobby-like places with small rolling armchairs and weirdly shaped tables. Also, the “conference room” is near the front of the office and is just a stretch across the room of several tables put together with rolling office chairs around them. It is “separated” by a couple cubicles on two sides. Also, all the cubicles have white erase boards and gray cork randomly put in them so they blend in to the area but there is a place to put stuff and write notes. Other features are a kitchen area which has 2 microwaves, a fridge, counterspace, sink, mini-coke machine, and a tall table with stools around it. The other major feature is the lighting. There was an article about them online and the architect dude who did the lighting I think. Find it here. The atmosphere of this place is really creative and edgy.

On a minor note, I have yet to do any design work, and probably won’t. They hired me as the intern for one specific project and so far I’ve worked on that which is a massive web research job (compiling over 530 hyperlinks with descriptions) and I’ve scanned over 200 old WWI photos at the Liberty Memorial. I’ve enjoyed listening in on meetings, watching the main designer and the web people battle their deadlined projects, as well as just be in contact with professional designers every day. One of my favorite quick jobs was filing a pile of their copies of projects they’ve done. It was so exciting to look through them, get a better feel for the work they actually do and what they can put out. I also answer phones a lot, which I rather enjoy amazingly enough. The work of an intern sure can be tedious and boring, but wow! the experience of being a part of this studio is absolutely worth it.

I really love design. And I’m really going to miss this studio.

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