a little time to chill

Well the weddings went off fairly smoothly I think. A little stressful in preparation and setting up, but all in all, lovely.

Favorite Amy & Dani weddings moments:
•getting Amy ready in the hotel room. (Actually, it was more like watching Amy get ready for me as Dani did her hair and Amy did her own makeup and I just took pictures)
•taking off my shoes at Amy’s reception
•hanging out with Erin and taking a hot walk with her around a block or two.
•wearing a fun red dress
•hanging out with Mark, Noah, Cade & Marcia (it was so great to see C & M although somewhat strange that they are married!)
•staying in a hotel with Emily & Erin and playing cards til 1am with Nathaniel & Sam
•seeing the Jernigan family in action once again and feeling warmly loved by them, especially Hannah & darling Glory
•crying through all of Dani’s wedding (perhaps not a favorite moment but definitely memorable)
•laying around & talking with Dani the night before Amy’s wedding
•becoming a pro at making corsages & bouquets
•being with friends and laughing a lot

Pictures of Luke & Amy’s wedding are here. and Israel & Dani’s wedding pics will be up there soon too.

In other news, the interview went rotten. I don’t think he wanted to be there interviewing and he waited til I was there and talking with him to tell me that there aren’t any job openings with them. I’m not sure why he wanted to interview me when there isn’t anywhere for him to put me. He also seemed rather multi-taskish during the whole “interview,” taking a phone call and acting bored a few times although he ended up doing most of the talking. Well, I’m sure I learned something anyway and the experience will be handy sometime in my life.

In better news, I have a very short-term job starting tomorrow morning at 9. The company is River City Studio and I’m doing a small research project involving a website. Sounds pretty simple, but possibly time-consuming. Honestly, I’m just excited to be doing something out of the house and to be able to meet and work with some designers on their turf. Who cares what I’m doing! It should hopefully be a great experience and I’ll at least make a new friend/contact in the design world.

Also, I have discovered a really cool church. It is called Northland Reformed Church and they are about 5 minutes from my house. I stumbled across them while coming back from taking Erin to the airport. They are a small congregation—probably about 50-60 people—but they are really genuine and kind. I really enjoyed the service Sunday morning and found a great deal in the sermon that I couldn’t stop thinking about during the day. I also met some very nice folks who talked with me about different topics, most especially what brought me to a Reformed church. I really like that their questions were very geared towards faith and not normal small talk/being friendly jargon. My dad and I also went back last night and he was greatly impressed by them too. The pastor even followed us to the lobby, remembered my name and kept a good conversation with my dad. It is so strange how these things happen when the summer is almost over. A job and a great church all in one week. As always, God is faithful and always in his own time. Wahoo!

One thought on “a little time to chill

  1. Caryn I love all your photos! It\’s been so neat to see pics of Amy and Luke\’s wedding and I can\’t wait to see more of Dani and Israel! I wish I could have made it to all the weddings this summer, you are lucky (though you are probably tired of them by now!) I love the photos you took from my wedding, especially the sparkler ones! Could you email me your address in KC sometime soon, I have a little something to send your way!

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