fall and projects [not fallen projects]

Northwest Arkansas is absolutely beautiful this time of year. I love it. The trees boast brilliant colors, the air smells fresh and change-filled, and all the holidays are sneaking up. I picked up the November issue of Real Simple last night, my subscription doesn’t start til January, and found it packed with suggestions on keeping the holidays stress-free. My head was overwhelmed with memories as I read about women’s different methods of “doing the holidays.” My own traditions/ or what I want to be traditions are starting to form in my head. It’s a lovely, and somewhat scary thought to think of having my own way to celebrate.

Last weekend, Mark and I carved pumpkins. This was my first time and it was delightful. From scooping out the pumpkin guts to finally lighting a candle inside, it was a marvelous time. They have been sitting outside my townhouse for almost a week now and somehow their now-decaying form is a little comforting to me. Things change; I like that. We took pictures of them of course; but the memory of doing them will be impressed on me forever. My first time carving pumpkins.

Tonight I’m skipping our annual Toilet Paper first basketball game and going to a bonfire. I’m a little shocked at my decision as I’ve had a record of making it to almost all the home games, nevermind the first game. But somehow, this year I would much rather sit around a bonfire and cook smore’s with new friends rather than be smooshed in a loud croud waiting to throw a roll of toilet paper at the first JBU basket. Hopefully I won’t regret it; but right now I’m looking forward to relaxing. Isn’t it funny how even values change.

I started this post thinking I would write something logical and profound about the season and the projects that start to pile up because of it; but instead, I find comfort in the happenings of fall that I get to be a part of. I’d much rather think of those on the beginning of a Friday night than on the looming design problems. Yes, things change, and I’m glad.

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