thought kinks

It’s the middle of October. I’m sitting in my room, feeling the light breeze of fall through the open window, sipping a CF Mountain Dew and listening to the new Jamie Cullum cd. I have quite a lot of homework to do, but my mind is reflective. There have been some small kinks in life, but overall it has been good. This week was mid-terms. I go back and forth between being really ready to graduate and move on and just enjoying college life. I know this is the only time in life where all my friends, besides Nicole and Erin, will be within 10 minutes of me and I’ll see them all pratically every day. I’m enjoying my design classes, but I don’t feel that they are going very well. I’m feeling less and less like a good designer and this really bothers me as I really want to be a designer. But, I don’t want to be a mediocre designer. I want to be good. Not for the money and not for any popularity. I love designing. I love type. I love playing with macs. I desire to be able to design pleasing, aesthetically delightful things that most people will enjoy looking at but never know why. I’ve heard many times that I don’t have to settle in one profession, and that I probably won’t; but what if I want to. I’m open to options, but this is where I click. This is what gets my pulse going. I want to design.

One thought on “thought kinks

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