a list because I have a headache

significant happenings or thoughts to post about:
• brochure is moving along quickly
• watched “Lagaan” movie with neighbors – musical about India, a cricket game and sappy romance. quite good actually
• cool breeze and loss of sarcastic tone
• working late
• Mountain Dew
• watching “The Trail of the Pink Panther” and thinking it was rather dumb
• collaging with little Natalie
• an Orbit advertisement which made me laugh
• groceries to fill my fridge
• successful market trip – purchases of fruit, skirt, earrings, and bag for Barcelona adventure
• 4 days til Barcelona trip
• prospect of a hike
• e-mails
• tragic bunny story from Erin
• 20 minute nap
• reviving of friendship with highschool friend
• upcoming girl’s night at Bethany’s
• this day is almost over

One thought on “a list because I have a headache

  1. Caryn! Caryn…(You should hear the way I\’m saying your name in my head. Singing, really. See, the first one is Caryn!, high-pitched and downward sloping, like, \”Caryn! So good to see you!\” whereas the second one is Caryn…, deep and gutteral and mischevious, like, \”Caryn…you sneaky thing, you.\”)I\’m so excited to see you soon!! In like…three weeks!!! With lots of exclamation points!!!!YYAAAAYY! (that says yay.)

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