another Monday

I’m wearing my hair in pigtails today and it makes me feel cute. I don’t know if I like feeling cute, but I guess it is better than feeling grungy or so-so. It certainly keeps me cooler. My day hasn’t been half bad despite its horrid start – horrid simply because it is Monday – and the heat is a little discouraging. It has succeeded in reaching almost 110 degrees for 3 days in a row. There is a breeze, a sticky hot breeze that makes one very sarcastic and say such things as, “oh, what a lovely breeze!” My arms are sticking to the edge of the desk as I type. Such an odd feeling!

Last night, I made eggs in toast and watched 2 Veggie Tale movies with Natalie. We discovered a little lizard crawling along my wall and I dubbed him Nelson. I’m very fond of him already and was disappointed this morning when I searched for him to no avail. He is my hero as his appetite is drawn to spiders and mosquitoes, 2 things that are rampant at my casita.

My thoughts keep wandering today to things such as counting days, reminiscing of air conditioned bedrooms and McDonald’s vanilla milkshakes, planning the many ways I’m going to hug all the people I am missing terribly, which songs I want to dance to with Amy, and the kinds of things I want to stay up for hours discussing with Dani. I opened my bottom dresser drawer last night and spotted a long lost friend, my cell phone. I had been growing tired of being attached to it, but now, I miss the idea of it actually ringing and familiar voices being on the other end. In one week, I will be in Barcelona. In 2 weeks, I will be packing and beginning goodbyes to my coworkers. Time flies and at this point I can’t decide if I want to blow at it and make it go faster or just relax in its wake. I just used two very strange descriptions that somewhat clash together. Perhaps that is a sign to get back to work.

One thought on “another Monday

  1. I miss you so much!!! I can\’t wait to see you. I have so many things to talk over with you. How wonderful that we\’ll be living together!! Can you believe it? Just one year ago we barely knew each other. What a wonderful friend you are! I love you Caryn. This year is going to be wonderful. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. I keep using that word. Wonderful. Uh…for a Caryn to talk sigh.

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