…a very satisfied sigh

My blog had been experiencing some serious difficulties recently and this, is so much better. I apologize to anyone who feels I stole their design. I don’t really care anymore plus this is so much more appealing to my eyes.

I doubt many people read this anymore, but it still is such a relaxing thing to write nonsense in a pseudo-journal with the possibilities of dear friends catching a glimpse of my thoughts and partaking in the moments.

The only thing on my mind recently is Barcelona. My excitement is very hard to contain. I’ve researched many things on the web and started a list of things I must, would like, and possibly will see. I will put the list here, simply because I want to and if any others would like to look them up, please enjoy the wonders you may see hidden in their sites.

• Park Guell
• Gaudi Musuem
• Sagrada Familia
• Palau de la Musica Catalana (missing a few accent marks which I cannot find on my keyboard)
• Salvador Dali Museum
• Tirandot opera at the Gran Teatre del Liceu
• jazz concert at Jamboree

that is all I’ve accumlated for now. As usual, I’m sure the list will dwindle with time, finances, and whatever shopping I stumble upon. There is also the fact that I must find all these places.

As for my time today, I’m writing text for the latest brochure I am working on. My time is squished on this project and I’m very worried that I will not finish it before I leave. Writing, I must admit, is not one of my favorite parts, although it is quite a challenge to accept. No choice to accept takes away some of the intrigue. Nonetheless, I embark on this pen and ink adventure and hope that my thoughts flow in a semblance of interesting order.

One thought on “…a very satisfied sigh

  1. Hello!I read your blog as well. Sounds like you are having a great time. Internships make the whole thing more real, don\’t they? It will be nice to see you in the fall. My house is only one away from you and Dani!

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