a need to write

My heart is breaking for the people in London. I think a part of me was thinking that this kind of thing could only happen in the States. I know that the rest of the world, especially Europe, is probably more prepared for this kind of thing than we are, but I still wish I could protect everyone from more tragedy. I realized how sheltered I am even here in Spain. I was settled into my routine, bonding with my supervisor laughing over projects, and suddenly she glanced at the BBC News and we both found the world again. Silly, here I am working to reach out to the world, and I seem to have lost track of it around me. How naive I am! I find myself crying with those who are devastated and praying all the more earnestly for the Kingdom. I cringe that those words sound so airy and flat once they are not hidden in my heart. My thoughts are full.

2 thoughts on “a need to write

  1. I miss you so much Caryn!!! I wish I could come visit you in Spain and stay in your little house and cook food with you and walk around the city…like London, only better. I can\’t wait to see you again. I\’m so excited to be living with you. Yay!! What fun we\’ll have!

  2. Hi Caryn, I was just thinking about you and wondering how you were doing on my lunch break. It sounds like Spain is wonderful and that you are doing just beautifully 🙂

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