4 days and counting

well, on Tuesday, my adventure to Spain will begin. I have done about half of my incredibly long to do list and am still chipping away at the rest of it. I spent an enormous amount of time cleaning and reorganizing my room, which although it was tough, certainly will help the packing mode since I now know where everything is. I’ve also spent a large chunk of yesterday shopping. It was not a fun experience as it never seems to be for me, but I did have success and will hopefully be well-dressed and not overheat in my new found tops.

This week has been jam-packed with all kinds of adventures. Sometime last week, my grandmother died, so my folks and I had to jet(as in drive 2 16 hours days from San Francisco to here) back to KC and now my folks are in New York til Sunday night for the funeral. Although it is sad and weird timing, I find it a bit of a gift from God, since I get stressed with people around asking how they can help. By the time they get back, hopefully I’ll have my act together.

Thursday I was able to spend all day with my high-school closest friend and that was amazing. She is leaving for her 6 month missions internship and thus our goodbye this time was a lot harder. Thankfully, she is the kind of friend, that we never seem to feel or notice the distance when we get to talk again.

Now, I should start my day. I took a dose of NyQuil last night to try and get rid of this awful cough I’ve somehow earned and thus I did not awake until noon. My to do list for today will not wait much longer however, so off I go. Missing you all like crazy and praying for the many adventures that will and are occurring in the long summer(and for some through the fall as well).

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