I sit here excitedly awaiting the Olympic’s opening ceremony and comtemplating the past couple of days. I think I will make this short and just leave some thought and questions.

Situation: I’m at work with coworkers that I have grown very fond of, despite our disagreements of values and morals. As I leave, one who is working later than I, sweetly asks me to do a quick favor for her and run across the street to buy a pack of cigarettes. What do I do?

And, a simple question. Is it possible for guys and girls to just be friends? Ok, maybe a little more to this one – Christian to Christian, non-Christian to non-Christian, & most curious to me: Christian to non-Christian. Is friendship possible?

Feedback is desired.

Maybe some more background to this later, but for now, I’m watching the Olympics. Ciao!

6 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. Situation: It\’s up to you. While cigarrette smoking is not healthy, neither is eating junk food or not getting enough sleep. I don\’t think it\’s any more wrong than any of those things… You\’ve made a decision not to do it, and of course you don\’t want your friends doing it. I think the decision lies in whether your refusing to do the favor will make a point to your friend or just annoy her. Well, I guess if you feel really strongly about it, than don\’t do it, regardless of your friend…So I don\’t know. Ignore everything I just said.As for the question…\”Platonic\” is one of those words that kind of loses it\’s meaning after you think about it too much. So I looked it up on and found that platonic=\”a pure, spiritual affection, subsisting between persons of opposite sex, unmixed with carnal desires, and regarding the mind only and its excellences.\”In that case, I would say Yes, definitely, platonic friendships are possible in all capacities. Because I\’ve had them. And still do.the end.

  2. Well my dear Caryn I was in the same situation that you were/are/might possibly be in. If you don\’t want to then just tell them, they shouldn\’t have a problem with it. I personally when and bought the guy the cigarettes, I made it known to him that I don\’t smoke and don\’t approve of smoking. I think the only reason I really did it was because I had just turned 18 and I could. In the end it is up to you. I personally wouldn\’t do it now because I can\’t stand smoking and destroys the temple, etc.I think it is possible for guys and girls to be friends and our little rag-tag group of people is evident of that. That is in my own opinion and based on my experiences. I have never really had many good non-Christian women as friends. Maybe a couple in my short lifetime, it seems to be a bit harder than with other Christians. Hope that helps

  3. What Amy said about the cigarettes dilemma more or less expressed my own opinion.I personally think that completely platonic relationships between guys and girls are impossible, but I largely hold that perspective because I have found myself incapable of appreciating a girl\’s personality without simultaneously recognizing her attractiveness. Though I may not constantly think about the possibility of a relationship or have strong romantic feelings for a girl, I can never completely forget the distinction between our sexes and the implications that distinction creates. I am perfectly willing to admit that my own condition (frailty?) biases my argument, however.-David

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