the brilliance of technology


I am very fond of this kid already.

Today was actually quite wonderful. I slept in since I worked til 1:30 last night, then I finished a book, Til We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis(really good by the way), and then I went for a 20 minute run in the wonderful Kansas City heat. It was quite energizing, somewhat. I also shopped a tad at Target and find, oh yes, red shoes. I am thrilled about this and actually am wearing them while I write(of this girlness, I am ashamed). Then I had a quick cup of coffee with a friend while we chatted and caught up on each other’s lives and I rushed after that off to work. Work, was work. We had a lot of people come in at the beginning and then a party of 35 (oh joy) and and finally we had nothing for a long time. I made less than normal tonight, but I loved this night. Luke and Neal(highschool friends) and a couple of their girl friends came in to see me – that made my night. Also, I got to have break with one of my bosses, Jason, whom I absolutely adore and that was quite wonderful in that we talked a lot and(I hope) that maybe something continues to show through about me. He is a wonderful guy and cares much for his employees. A dear, sweet man. I then came home to my sweet folks and found 5 e-mails from my brother-in-law with darling pictures of my darling niece, and also a 30 second video of her. So precious. She is, by far, the most adorable newborn I have ever seen. I wonder if it is because I am partial to her…but I didn’t expect to think she was cute as a newborn. I usually find them quite unattractive within the first couple of weeks. Anyway, I cherish these pictures. Oh, sweet technology, I do love it! Now, I’m off to sleep. I have a busy day planned for tomorrow. Oh yes, oh yes. My day off. Wah hoo!

2 thoughts on “the brilliance of technology

  1. Two points. One, Til We Have Faces is in quite a few ways my favorite C.S. Lewis book.Two, unlike Julia, I usually do not relish the sight of a newborn baby. However, any infant disposed to cuddling with a pair of novels instantly merits my approval! For a baby of this caliber, I choose to make an exception to my general malice toward those who cower in their swaddling clothes.Swarmingly,DavidPS – I guess I must admit that (sigh) it really is a cute baby. My reputation is ruined, you know.

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