the day has finally arrived

actually, the baby arrived. I am officially an aunt now! My sister just called, the baby is healthy happy and two days old. Yep, the phone lines have been down and for some reason my mom hasn’t checked her phone messages recently. You would think she would have. Anyway, my niece, Elisabeth Imagine was born July 30th. This is so weird. Talking to my sister who is in Indonesia, holding her child, my niece – I’m having a hard time with this. But I’m also overly excited!

anyway, today was a long day. I worked from 11-9 which was enjoyable, painful, profitable and a bit fun. plus, my cold is getting better, my cough subsiding. also, i got to talk to my friend Nicole, Erin and my sister of course, so i really enjoyed this day. i cannot believe how the summer has flown. i’m looking forward to school though. i really am actually. I’m ready to get back into my groove. i usually get a good groove going at school. oh, but this year – no OD’ing on caffiene and hopefully a little more discipline in the sleep habits. It’s always good to set “beginning-of-the-school-year resolutions. hm…i need to think of some more, then it isn’t so bad if you don’t keep a few.

2 thoughts on “the day has finally arrived

  1. Yay! Babies are so wonderful 🙂 Is her middle name pronounced like it looks? Like \”I could only imagine.\” Or is it an alternate spelling for Imogene? It is puzzling me…

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