ice cream in the cemetery

the day began slow and very unexciting. i worked for 4 hours on a paper(due Friday) and still have none of it done. i cannot choose a subject that works! argh!! but alas, the evening was quite enjoyable. i handed out free water on the street corners with people from my church. it is really a fun ministry and has been quite effective in the past. afterwards, i found myself whisked away to a highschool party at my friend Luke’s house. it was quite fun. dull, but enjoyable nonetheless. most of them were playing Halo, except the girl i hang out with and a couple of the guys i enjoy being with too. we had a blast eating Pringles, watching the end of Smallville and talking to Luke’s mom. they have resurrected the phrase “your mom” and i must admit use it quite humorously. they really are fun to be around. i have had many comments made lately about my hanging out with highschoolers, but i really don’t care. i love them and truly enjoy their company. finally, i made the suggestion that we go find ice cream, so 6 of us piled into Luke’s Lincoln town car which is “a hoss of a car” (as Nicole Z. would say). =) we proceeded to Hen House, which was closing, hurriedly chose a carton of ice cream, swiped 6 spoons from the free samples area and discussed a place of enjoyment. the cemetery it was. Luke lives across from the cemetery, so…there we went. i’m pretty sure it is against the law to be out there that late, but we didn’t think of that right away. it was a blast. i should not have eaten as much ice cream as i consumed, oh well. Chocolate chip cookie dough, baby! anyway, i’m now here, sitting at my computer, wondering how in the world i’m going to get my paper done tomorrow morning. i have a lunch date with my friend Nicole for her birthday and then i work from 5-11. i love working second shift!

   my sister still hasn’t had her baby. the doctor thinks he dated it wrong.

   i got a letter from Emily today! i love mail! oh, and an e-mail from Evie! it was such an exciting day. yay for feeling better.

i really should go to bed.

One thought on “ice cream in the cemetery

  1. i am honored that you used my phrase in your blog! oh, and my pastoor paper isn\’t done yet….that\’s due tomorrow eh? love ya, cheers!

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