darling Nyquil and the fragrance of school supplies, how lovely!

I have checked my e-mail a bajillion times today. I’m not sure why I am so obsessed with checking my e-mail. There is rarely anything there, but maybe if I check it just one more time, something will be there. I’m really not that lonely or bored, I’m just selective in the things I want to do. Selective to the point of nothing. Well, I guess I did do a few things today, once I actually got up. I registered to vote. I turned in all 21 rolls of film to be developed(that’s going to finish off my bank account) and I have been reading most of the rest of the day. I do love to read. Other than those things, I have slept, a lot. My parents are worried that I might have mono. I disagree, but wouldn’t that just be great. (extreme sarcasm) I do seem to have the quality of life that it requires to take affect. I’m thinking it is just a nasty summer cold- you know, the ones that make you cold in the middle of summer and suffer you minimal amounts of hearing and breathing through the nose. Thus, I have taken the Nyquil again and am allowing it to take affect before I fall asleep once again. I really don’t mind sleeping all the time. It’s kind of relaxing. (yeah, that was a bit of a joke)

   I have been trying to figure out what it means “to overcome.” I would love some feedback on this if anyone wishes to join in the ponderings. This could be thought of in one-time situational sense or in lifetime-til-death sense. These thoughts were actually aroused by the verses in Revelation 2 & 3 where to every church is given a final word about something they will receive if they overcome. Interesting.

   Off to bed I go. I do miss everyone dearly. Maybe tomorrow I’ll go shopping for school supplies. Mmmm! I love that smell.

2 thoughts on “darling Nyquil and the fragrance of school supplies, how lovely!

  1. A comment on your mono-like symptoms:Lest you forget, you have resided in a much different time zone for the majority of this summer. I was only in Ireland for two weeks, and when I got back, readjusting took me almost as long. (I think things were compounded by our non-stop busy schedule, and I have no doubt that you kept just as demanding a schedule.) Though you may certainly have mono, I think it is going to take longer than you realize for your body to catch up with what you\’ve done to it this summer.Just a thought…cade

  2. Hey Caryn,The sole purpose of this comment is to communicate the single, solitary, individual fact that I was sorry that I did not see you while I was in Kansas City.Your friend,David

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