Hello, my name is Caryn and I’m a Mountain Dew addict

i’m finally home for a bit. i cannot believe there are only 3 weeks left til school. this summer has flown. last week at camp was wonderful. i’m so glad i went even though i was exhausted for the first day. i absolutely loved the girls in my room. i had 7 and they were all precious! it was a superhero theme and i got to wear a cape all week! it was the perfect place for me. i also got to spend time with some friends from highschool who were also counselors.

this week was so good for me. i think it really helped me transition from Ireland to the States. i’m having an awful time processing Ireland. last night i had dinner with my folks and my cousins and my aunt asked me to give one major thing i learned from Ireland. i went completely blank. my mind refuses to summarize or fold anything together that i know i learned and am still learning. she made a huge deal about my hair and how mature i look. it really kind of freaked me out. reminded me of something Dani and i talked of in Ireland. actually though, i feel different since Ireland. this is the first time that i feel a change in myself and it doesn’t seem to matter who i am with. it is still there, whether or not the people around me seem to notice or treat me that way. i haven’t the slightest clue what it means or what i’m supposed to do with it yet. it is tough to explain and i don’t think it should be blamed all on silly girl emotions. i do hate those so much. so now i’m not making much sense and just rambling. well, i’m watching the Great Gatsby and i should finish up some stuff on-line like registering to vote. too much thinking. i need a mountain dew.

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