jet lag

So, I’m back in the States. I think I’m experiencing culture shock actually. I tried so hard to throw myself into Irish culture and be apart of it for 5 and a half weeks that now, I’m having a hard time coming back. I got really freaked out when I got in the car with my mom from JBU and she was driving on the right side of the road! I do miss things there already. I traveled for about 27 hours before I hit my bed last night. Already talked to my sister for an hour this morning and am just trying to relax before I leave for my church’s kid’s camp tomorrow. Nothing like keeping busy!

  Ireland was incredible. I’m not even going to try to comment on all right now. Too much to handle on a confused and jet lagged mind. For now, I’m going to begin unpacking so that I can pack for tomorrow and also try to finish up some homework for my Ireland courses. Yay fun! Just wanted so say hello and hope to hear from you all soon!

5 thoughts on “jet lag

  1. Woohoo! Your back! I am so glad that you had a great time and hope to talk to you soon. I have got quite a few pictures (not as many as I would\’ve liked) to show you. You are definately going to want to visit (live) in Orvieto. Tres cool.

  2. Hmm, so clearly I was not logged in on the proper account when I left that note earlier, stupid me for using my little sister\’s computer to read blogs. If you could delete the post with the link to her blog….that would be…much appreciated. Sorry Caryn!

  3. and it\’s… nay never (harps harps harps harps!)no nay never no more (guinness!)wish we were still in the emerald isle, sitting on carrick a rede, perhaps. school\’s soon, i\’ll see you in just a few weeks, though it\’s strange to not see you every day. enjoy the remainder of your summer!cheers!

  4. I also hope we get to talk soon.Speaking of which, I will be in Kansas City for the twenty-four hours between 4 PM Wednesday and 4 PM Thursday. Does this kid\’s camp announcement mean that you will not be in the area during the time of which I speak? (\”Time of which I speak\”…I\’m so silly.)Take care,David

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