if I could only think of the right word…

this day was awful. plain and simple and atrociously awful. I will spare the details mostly because I am afraid of the anger and bitterness and rage that might burst forth in ugly ways if I tried to voice the events. so, i’m off to sleep, way too late, and needing to get up much too early. the only way this day could end well is if I could see a chicken dancing in a pink polka dot skirt. yeah, that would make all things much better. goodnight.

5 thoughts on “if I could only think of the right word…

  1. So I was getting ready for our garage sale and woh man, you won\’t believe what I saw!Amazing!He was dancing around so madly the dress flew right off, it was truly a magical moment.Hope that brings a little shimmer of joy to your life. Keep it plasmic.

  2. Oh Caryn! I have had days like that. I admire your attitude. I wish I had that kind of self-control and perspective. What ever is going on, I hope it gets better.

  3. Caryn,I\’m really sorry about your awful day. There is little, I realize, that my words can do for you–they can\’t by themselves bring happiness to your life or shove your pain aside. But what I hope they can do is let you know that I wish the best for you and am sorry that you aren\’t getting it right now.Your friend,David

  4. I wanted to call you today but i figured you would be working. I miss you baby. I hope that your week gets better. Give me a call sometime or I\’ll call you…sometime before you leave for Ireland at least.Erin

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