tornadoes, reflection, and whatever else comes to mind

I sit here thinking and reflecting as tornadoes are swirling around my city. I was kicked out of work tonight about an hour early because of the weather. My wonderful manager kept checking the weather and said he wanted me home before the worst hit. It was kind of nice to be able to relax once I got in the “safety” of my home. Now I will sit, breathing and allow my mind to wander. The flashlight is next to me just in case. I probably shouldn’t be on my computer either, but oh well.

More on this weekend, it was quite fun. I had a blast with my kids’ choir and even enjoyed the last bridesmaid fitting before the wedding. The drive to Tulsa is always a pain, especially when alone, but at least the weather was clear and calm.

My new cell phone works incredibly well in Siloam so that was exciting news. I was able to talk with a couple of people easily and without fear of my phone suddenly dying. It was wonderful!

Saturday night, I hung out with Sarah who lives in Bentonville and we had a blast, despite the fact that neither of us can make decisions without much difficulty. We wandered Hastings and Target, ate at Fazolli’s and spent about an hour trying to find a movie to rent and then didn’t watch it. Yes, Erin, an hour at Blockbuster. I’m sure you remember what that is like!

The weekend was great and I even got sunburned! Unfortunately, it is only on my left arm and the side my neck. Driving with the window open and having the sun stream in leaves very strange tan lines. But, I found an oldies station that played the whole way home!

Now, I’m home, working every night this week and still trying to get my stuff organized so I can pack for Ireland. Sigh. Somehow I just got very blah feeling. Well, I’m off before my computer dies. Maybe I’ll watch the weather channel, or not. Probably not a good idea. Nonetheless, ciao. I miss you all terribly.

One thought on “tornadoes, reflection, and whatever else comes to mind

  1. Hey Caryn. I think Zona Rosa is about 45-50 minutes from my house. It\’s only like 5 minutes from Tyler\’s place in Parkville though. When are you leaving for Ireland? I still have 2 and a half weeks before I leave for Puebla.

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