the teddy bear is upside down

I woke up to this day feeling very out of it and I haven’t shaken the feeling yet. I have now taken enough medication to hopefully knock any hint of a migraine from the picture. I’m working tonight, so let’s hope it’s successful. Days like today, thinking hurts, but it seems to be all that I do. I keep wandering the house trying to decide what I should do that would count as productive.

I caught the end of a movie on TV that showed some of the corruption of our social care system. Made me think of Erin Anderson and the many conversations we have had about foster care and such. That would be a job I would love to do just to try to make it better, but after watching so many kids come in and out of my house because of it, I don’t think I would last long without becoming extremely angry and unsuccessful in my attempts.

Heard yesterday about same sex marriage becoming legal in another state or something like that.

Election stuff is really making me want to hurl.

Also, had to endure listening to someone talk about how all Christians should pull their kids from the “corrupt public school system” and how that would solve a lot of family problems and education problems too. I walked away swallowing all comments of what a bunch of bull that is.

So all this to say, I’ve been pondering the state of our country and holding myself back from throwing something at the next “Christian” who blames everything they can think of except themselves. And now I’m off to get lost in some fictional book so as to escape the reality which sickens me and isn’t helping my head any.

5 thoughts on “the teddy bear is upside down

  1. Mm, yes, I agree. It is a little known fact that the Bible verse which reads \”the love of money is the root of all evil,\” actually says, in the original texts, \”public school systems are the root of all evil.\”Those public schools. Cranking out nothing but pregnancies and heroin addictions.You know what else you should be concerned about, Caryn? Dating. Dating and rock and roll.-Amy

  2. Actually, dating, rock & roll, and, believe it or not, even recombinant bovine growth hormones have all been directly traced to the pernicious influence of those public schools. Stay out of \’em!-David, but you can just call me \”well of wisdom\”

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