one down

The night is young. I have never understood this expression. I know what it is supposed to mean, but it does not fit as I think it should. It works for now I guess.

I cannot believe I have been home from school for an entire week now! That went so fast and I feel like I got absolutely nothing done. The past 2 days seemed to go slow while I was in them, but actually now they feel like they went quickly. Yesterday, my dad took me out for lunch and that was a sweet time and some good father-daughter bonding. Today was a day full of confusing time-warp feelings. I went to a bridal shower for a friend from high school. That was super weird. My friend is getting married. Then tonight, we attempted to go to a graduation open house. Attempted in that I read the invitation wrong all 3 times that I checked it and we showed up when it was over. I’m such a moron! Nonetheless I had plenty of conversation with a couple of people I used to know in high school but are now all graduating. It was nearly impossible to keep conversation. When did I get so old and out of it?

So, I finally talked to someone from my work yesterday and they were suppose to call last night with my schedule. I’m still holding the phone. I’m beginning to think that someone intercepted our phone and took the call for me. Possibly a lifeform from another planet. That would be so cool. Then maybe it would work for me through my time gone this summer, I could still go pick up the checks, and it would just be stupendous to have an alien waitressing!

I got a new cell phone today too! (Same number) Finally maybe this one will work in the hick town we live in.

I finished a book today. Started it yesterday. Good read.

2 thoughts on “one down

  1. I have two questions… 1) Where will this lifeform be waitressing, because I must see it, and 2) Will the alien lifeform accept earth-currency as a tip?High five to you if you can get an alien lifeform to work for you and let you keep the checks.Double high five to you if you can get it to work for me, too.

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