a bowl of cheerios

This day was absolutely charming. I’m not sure what made it so, but it was just overflowing with charmingness.

I was in that mood again that had me imagining what it would be like to be a model. Not the modeling part, but more the everyday living part. I don’t really understand this, so don’t try.

I spent most of the afternoon at the library looking for books and old movies and then had to coerce a new library card out of the librarian since mine has disappeared. Alas, my library is no where near as cool as Brian’s colossal library of fun. The rest of my afternoon consisted of shopping, not very normal for me. After a couple of trips to the fitting room, I gave up in humored exhaustion, fully knowing that I would never have the guts to wear any of it in public.

I found another place that needs to be added to my “enter with caution” list. Borders. Tonight, I naively gave myself over to this marvelous plethora of worlds encased in cardboard. Bookstores and I mix all too well. After about an hour of perusing the shelves and skimming through every type of genre I deemed interesting, I finally settled into a chair for some deeper examination of my prospects for purchase. I exhibited incredible amounts of self-control and still walked out with 20 dollars worth of books(2) in my possession. I did not however have any coffee which completely shocks me considering I very seldom enter any bookstore that contains a cafe without finding myself at the counter habitually ordering some specialty coffee that I shouldn’t be indulging. Nevertheless, the encounter with Borders was a pleasant one. I found a new haven.

My books are now calling for my attention. I wish everyone a marvelous and charming evening.

6 thoughts on “a bowl of cheerios

  1. I\’m jealous.Yesterday I went to an 11- and 12-year-old boys\’ baseball game and cleaned the bank with Luke. The nearest bookstore is 45 minutes away, and it\’s only a …see, I can\’t even remember the name, it\’s so boring.What I would give to have a giant Barnes and Noble right here in Telephone. Well, no, that wouldn\’t do. But…umm…right here, in my house. Yes! That would be perfect!!Speaking of shopping, I have to go thrift store shopping this week. The only thing we have around here is a Goodwill, but I suppose that\’ll do.Wanna come with me, Caryn?

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