Fear. There are a lot of things that make people fearful. I discovered a list of phobia names today. Ailurophobia, the fear of cats. Altophobia, the fear of heights. Clinophobia, the fear of going to bed. Pteronophobia, the fear of being tickled by feathers. It was quite an extensive list and I realized that if I’m not careful, I could very easily become fearful of getting any of these phobias which would then lead to polyphobia, the fear of a lot of things. I already think I qualify for some, like coulrophobia, the fear of clowns and kakorrhaphiophobia, the fear of failure or defeat. Keraunophobia, the fear of thunder and lightning and quite possibly genophobia, nevermind about that one. So, I’m not sure where all this phobia talk came from, but my pastor was talking about worrying today and maybe that sparked this curiousity about phobias. Anyway, I wonder if there is a phobia of killing animals…

I hit a robin today, while driving. It was quite saddening I must say. The bird just didn’t take flight fast enough and my front bumper clipped him. He probably would have been fine except he bounced off my windshield as well. I’m sure that finished him off.

So, I’ve started a blog. Yes, we’ll see how long this lasts.

Oh, one more fear that needs a name ending in phobia…the fear of puppet shows. Well, not all puppet shows, but in honor of wonderful mother’s day today, my sweet little cousin decided to put on a puppet show that lasted 45 minutes. (I fell asleep during most of it, until I got kicked in the head by my 3 year old cousin.) Definitely a new fear of mine. So no more puppets for me.

6 thoughts on “Phobias

  1. Welcome to the machine my dear Caryn. And lets just refrain from using the word blog. Its > or = w00t.Acceptable terms:journaldiarymemoirnotebookAnyway, rock on Caryn and keep it plasmic.

  2. Wait, what\’s going on?Why is your blog (sorry, \”memoir\”) so pretty? Why do you have real comments? Why did I have to sign in to do this? I\’m so confused…but glad to see you\’ve joined the ranks.Welcome, daaling.

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